Deep Into Summer Thoughts

It’s going to take beaucoup amounts of daydreaming, for we are not the ensuing thought. We are the field of awareness watching the thought arise and recede—a pendulum swinging raucously to the tune of anger or sweetly to a lullaby-like melody. Choice is ours.

We’re not imagining it when we are switching gears to our much too faithfully distracted and anxious minds and rambling away from conceiving it. It’s gotta be that place we return to, the place we sojourn to time and time again…incessantly and habitually forgetting and consenting as reality. We are the present circumstances and preceding memories finding the core where we reside—our baseline of worthiness that authenticates only from within.

All things are possible, but it’s going to take some work. We’re working hard at play, immersing ourselves in all things wild, all things pertaining to life-force (in particular water as humidity swells,) all things fulfilling within our hearts. We’re in it for the long haul–imagining in harmony one beat at a time.

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